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Ten years and counting...

It all started in school. I made my first 'wedding’ dress out of a white bed sheet for a school project and from there blossomed the NutMeg label.

I went on to study fashion, learned the trade and officially launched NutMeg Couture in 2010.

My favourite part are the brides! I have met so many incredible women at the most exciting point of their lives and it is so special to be a part of that.

Every design brings something new, whether it’s fabrics, design or construction. I love being able to piece together the ideas and bring it all to life with my team.

Megan x

Meet The Team



Experienced seamstress, pattern cutter an all round talented lady.


Specialises in hand-sewing and embellishment - also makes fake wedding cakes in her spare time...


Embroidery and Embellishment seamstress - Loves Coffee and to organise!



The real boss.....but shhh don't tell mum.

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