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The Process


Work with our expert design team every step of the way to bring your dream bridal look to life!


Initial design consultations are an opportunity for us to get to know you. Your style, personality and any ideas you have for your gown. We will explain the different stages of the the process, show you some relevant samples and also answer any questions you may have.

Don't worry you don't need to know every detail at this stage, just a few ideas is all we need to get started.

Beapoke wedding dress process. The mock up, a replica dres made from cotton to perfect the fit and style of each gown.


Progressing from the sketched design to a cotton mock up gown. We use this stage to perfect the fit and style of your gown before it is made in final fabrics. Your gown can be tweaked and changed until you feel that it is perfect. With expert guidance on hand should you need help deciding!


We will also revisit your fabrics samples and make sure that your final selections will be a perfect match to the vision of your final gown.


Once you are happy with all the elements your gown is created in the final fabrics. With all the detailing such as trims and lace added in stages to ensure it is perfect!


And just like that your dream gown becomes a reality!

Wedding dress sketch and sampling. Fashion Illustration by NutMeg Couture Bespoke Bridal


Following the initial discussions sketches our designer will create sketched designs for you, pairing them with fabric samples for you to consider.

This will help refine your ideas and give you a better idea of how all the elements will work together. 

Once you have picked a design, this is then used as a starting point to begin your mock up/toile process.

Oyster Couture Wedding Dress by NutMeg Couture. Full over skirt with sparkly lace and pleated waist.
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